Melbourne Pet Ambulance - 0413599321
Melbourne Pet Ambulance operates for Extended hours 7 Days a week as a pet ambulance service for pet owners, and is based in Melbournes South Eastern Suburbs but will travel around Melbourne.
Melbourne Pet Ambulance is available 24 hours 7 Days a week including all Public Holidays.
Mobile Eftpos Facility available
As the service is not affiliated with any Veterinary Practices your pet will always be taken to the Veterinary Practice of your choice.
The transport is equipped with airconditioning, heating, ICU Oxygen cage for cardiac patients, Oxygen, monitoring equipment, a stretcher for large immobile pets or carriers for smaller pets, to make your pets ride as stress free and comfortable as possible. We are also equipped with blankets, heat packs to assist warming sick patients.
EXCITING NEWS FOR PATIENTS- Oxygen will also now be fitted into the vehicle this is great for cardiac patients.
The service is available to all pet owners and Veterinarians to ensure our best friends receive the best possible care needed.
The ambulance is staffed by a Qualified Veterinary Nurse.
If you are worried about your pet then it needs to be seen by your vet!!!
Should you have an emergency it is best to try to remain calm, remove the animal from further danger if possible and call your local vet, for transport needs call  Melbourne Pet Ambulance.
For further assistance please see About us page for what constitutes as an emergency.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION *************************
Melbourne Pet Ambulance is a private business meeting the needs of the animals in need of transport- Without this service animals would not be able to seek Veterinary Treatment. Apart from Clients calling regarding their pets Melbourne Pet Ambulance also receives calls for injured strays and wildlife- Melbourne Pet Ambulance would appreciate your donations to assist with petrol costs, phone bills, food to assist strays and people in need.
Donations can be made to
Melbourne Pet Ambulance
BSB 083597
Account  186951671
We thankyou for any assistance you can provide.
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