Melbourne Pet Ambulance - 0413599321
Cat Adoption Enquiry Form
Home Phone
Name of cat interested in adopting
Why do you wish to adopt a cat
Do you currently have any pets? If so what kind
Do your present pets (if any) have any behaviour or socialisation problems? if so please explain
Are your pets Vaccinated ? Cats Vaccinated against FIV ?
Where do your existing pets sleep
Where will the new cat sleep ?
Do you have a Dog/ cat door
What animals have you owned in the past and what happened to them
Have you ever taken an animal to a shelter or released your pet to another party
Do you have support of all the household to adopt another cat
Who will be the main caretaker for this cat ?
Have you been refused an adoption with any breeder, rescue group or shelter ? if so please explain
Will the cat be soley indoors
If allowed outside what is the timeframe you allow them to be inside to adjust to the new surroundings
How long will the cat be alone each day
What will you do with your cat if you move house ?
Do you agree to return the cat to us should your circumstances change or the adoption did not work
Does your job involve you to move or travel often ?
When you go on holidays, where will the cat stay ?
What will you do if your cat develops Behavioural problems ?
What would you do if your cat becomes lost ?
If you are renting please provide your landlords name and contact phone number for confirmation that a cat is permitted
Do you have a regular vet ? if so please provide us their name and phone number so we can contact them for a reference
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