Melbourne Pet Ambulance - 0413599321
Foster Carers needed - Melbourne Pet ambulance
takes on Urgent surrenders and abandoned animals when we have the space available.
Every year in Australia over 250,000 healthy and rehomable dogs and cats are killed.
Melbourne Pet Ambulance offers family companions for adoption but without foster carers this is not possible.
Please consider becoming a foster carer, without foster carers Melbourne Pet Ambulance can not accept any more dogs and cats into care ,Gifts of food, money, blankets, cages are also appreciated.
please call 0413599321 to organise a drop off area for your kind Gifts
You can apply to be a foster carer here and you will receive a reply within 12 hours.
Foster Application Form
Contact- Given name and Family name
Contact phone numbers- Home, mobile, work
Contact Email Address
Address and Suburb
What Experience do you have with dogs?
Do you currently own any dog? If so what breed, age, sex, behaviour etc
Are your animals desexed
How much time alone would the dog spend?
Describe your fencing
Your Occupation
Will you allow the dog inside?
Do you have support from other family members?
How long are you prepared to foster a dog?
Do you have any children? If so what ages
Do you have any cats? if so what ages?
Do you prefer Large or small dogs
Do you have any other animals? If so what are they
Are the dogs on your property C5 Vaccinated and up to date with their annual vaccination?
Are all the residents in your dwelling in agreement about fostering a dog?
Are you willing to collect the dog from a pick up point and or transport to a vet if needed?

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