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Heat Stroke an your Dog

Heat Stroke can occur in minutes on a hot, humid day and may prove fatal if not treated promptly.
Heat stroke occurs when your dog is no longer able to maintain his normal body temperature. When the temperature rises your dogs internal organs will start t breakdown, and if not cooled quickly he could die.
Dogs regulate their temperature primarily through panting, on hot or humis days they are unable to cool their bodies effectively, and as a result their body temperature rises rapidly.
Excessive panting, pale gums, Bright red tongue, Disorientation, Increased heart Rate, Thick Saliva, Vomiting, Breathing Difficulties, Collapse
Heat stroke often occurs because a dog is confined in a car or kennel or taken for a walk in hot or humid days.
Remove the animal from the heat source and cool with tepid water never cold water and take your dog to the vet quickly for assessment and treatment.
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