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Scientific Cat Litter-

If you haven't yet heard of Scientific Professional Cat Litter, you soon will. This litter is significantly different from other brands on the market, This Cat Litter is environmentally-friendly, with an additional health benefit for cats and owners.
Scientific Cat Litter is lightweight and bio-clumpable; it can even tell you when your cat is sick with a possible urinary infection. Scientific Professional serves as an early detection indicator for Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) with a patented sickness-indicating, color-change reactor in the litter.
Millions of cats are diagnosed with urinary tract infections each year. If not detected early, these infections can quickly become severe and even cause death. This sickness-indicating cat litter is the only known non-prescription cat litter on the market that alerts pet owners to seek veterinarian assistance to prevent serious feline illness.Scientific Professional's patented sickness-indicating, color-change reactor is a controlled, six-patented factor which detects the pH level of a cat's urine and indicates whether urinary tract infection is present. The less acidic a cat's urine, the more susceptible he/she is to forming stones or crystals in the urinary tract. The color of the litter changes to varying shades of pale pink to magenta when the pH in a cat's urine is abnormal. The darker the shade of pink, the more serious the problem may be.
Scientific cat litter can be used as an everyday litter, or can be used as a check-up by being placed in the litter tray for between five to seven consecutive days each month. But do not mix cat litters.
For purchase call 0413599321
Cost 1 bag $20  5 bags $15each
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