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 Please vaccinate your puppies- Canine Parvovirus
This causes two distinct disease syndromes in dogs
1. Acute myocarditis, which occurs in puppies
2.Acute gastroenteritis

... This disease can remain viable off the host for up to one year, facilitating spread of infectionby indirect contact. The virus resists many of the established disinfectants such as phenols and quanternary ammonium compounds but is destroyed by hypochlorite and formalin. Large numbers of virus particles are shed in the faeces of infected dogs and constitute the main source of infection for other dogs. Transmission of disease may occur either by direct or indirect contact between a suscepible dog and an infected dog or faecal contamination.

Following ingestion, the virus replicates in the local lymph nodes and induces a viraemia within 3-5 days following infection. The virus targets rapidly dividing cells in which to replicate , in particular those in the intestine, lymphoid tissue, myocardium and bone marrow- results in immunosuppression.

Treatment can be successful but has a very guarded prognosis. Cage rest, diuretics and nutritional support, for enteric requires intensive intravenous fluid therapy. Where the dog is shocked whole blood or plasma expanders should be considered.Antiemetics should be used. Once vomiting has ceased careful introduction of oral fluids may be attempted, small amounts of low-fat veterinary diets may be provided.

For nursing- cleaning the contaminated areas using modern parvocidal disinfectants. Isolate the case and strict hygeine to prevent spread, proventative clothing should be used when handling these dogs, gloves should be worn at all times, seperate food and water bowls should also be used.

Parvovirus can be prevented all dogs should be vaccinated and for those puppies going thru the vaccination course they should not be allowed near other unvaccinated dogs, near parks or beaches where areas have been contaminated by other dogs.

I hope this was helpful.
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